Lights Out on Blue Light

Lights Out on Blue Light

The issue of Blue Light is in the news on a daily basis now, and although people have heard about it, few understand the threat, implications, and options for protection.

By far, the best perspective about Blue Light I have seen to date is Dr. David Suzuki's "Nature of Things" documentary titled "Lights Out". 

Do yourself a favour and take the time to watch this excellent summary about the effects of Blue light, particularly about its effect on the sleep wake cycle and circadian rhythm.

Blue Light is both naturally generated, from the sun, and artificially generated from our energy efficient light sources.

TrueBlue lenses utilize the patented technology of Dr. James Gallas, who derivatized nature's defences for Blue light. Only TrueBlue utilize these components in plano lens to filter blue light in a way that is unique to the lens industry.


This lens technology is available in three forms:

  • Sun lenses for incomparable protection from naturally occurring Blue light.
  • Photo Stress lenses for artificial occurring Blue light indoors during the day.
  • MPF lenses for artificial Blue light exposure during the evening that can adversely affect sleep quality and circadian balance.

Watch this important documentary and protect your eyes, vision, and body.

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