Put down your iPhone and go to sleep

Dr. Bill Elliott is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF, and informative author.

In a recent article he wrote that appeared in Marinij.com http://www.marinij.com/health/20170709/put-down-your-iphone-and-go-to-sleep he cited some important facts:

  • Researchers at UCSF published a study in November that tracked 650 adult volunteers who had an app on their cellphones that tracked screen time and cell phone usage at the hour of bedtime was associated with difficulty falling asleep.
  • New evidence even suggests that communities that are most illuminated at night (using satellite imagery) have the highest levels of obesity.
  • Researchers are examining potential linkage between chronic exposure to excess light and cancer. Melatonin may protect against cancer, so inhibiting melatonin may increase the risk of cancer.
  • A recent University of Colorado study concluded eliminating artificial light for a few days resets sleep cycles.

TrueBlue "MPF" lenses were developed using patented technology perfected by Dr. James Gallas and concentrations of nature's defences pigments were adjusted to compensate for Blue Light exposure prior to the sleep cycle to delay Melatonin suppression and aid in healthy sleep. 

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