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Surge in Hospital Admissions for Children Sleeping Disorders

In a very recent article published by Stephen Walter of "The Telegraph" (U.K.),  three times as many children under 14 years of age are admitted to Hospitals for sleeping disorders than ten years ago. In many cases, technology may be the cause.

Artificial Blue light emissions from smartphones, tablet computers, and computer monitors are not only resulting in eye stress (commonly referred to as Digital Eye Strain) but more importantly this high energy visible light may be activating Melanopsin, which in turn suppresses Melatonin production. The consequences may not only be normal sleep cycle disruption, but it may manifest in dire physiological impact including depression, obesity, and even diabetes.

In the article, Dr. Catherine Hill states: “If we continue to ignore emerging research evidence about the importance of sleep to health, we're potentially storing up problems for the National Health Service in future.”  

The best thing we can do for our children, and ourselves, is to prevent exposure to artificial Blue light sources approximately two hours before the onset of the normal sleep cycle. If this is not possible, then consider effective external filtration of artificial Blue light using glasses.

TrueBlue Vision "MPF" eyewear feature the patented filtration technology based on nature's defenses from Blue light, which are Melanin and OLP, and perfected by Dr. James Gallas of PhotoProtective Technologies.

Please see Stephen Walter's full article from "The Telegraph"...

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