TrueBlue Clip-ons are the ideal solution for those of us who have prescription lenses and easily attach to your glasses in seconds! We offer two indoor clip-on solutions (Day Time and Night Time) – each with two frame style options (RAMP and SNAP); and the same styles are also available as premium polarized clip-on sun lenses – with either smoke or brown lens tints.

Indoor Blue Light Filtering Lens

PhotoStress - Day Time Lens

Indoor Day Time Clip-ons feature the “Photo-Stress” lens to reduce visual fatigue from imaging devices such as tablets, computer screens, smart-phones, televisions and lighting.

Indoor Blue Light Filtering Lens

MPF™ – Nighttime Lens

Indoor Night Time Clip-ons feature the MPF “Melatonin Production Factor” lens to help reduce the effect of blue light on the Retino-Hypothalmic tract which regulates human physiological functions.

Outdoor Blue Light Filtering Lens


Sunglass Clip-ons feature premium polarization and full optical coatings for superior protection and clarity and are available with either smoke or brown lens tints.

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