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Blue Light is everywhere. The natural source of Blue Light outdoors is the sun, but it is artificially generated both outdoor and indoor from lighting. Other artificial indoor sources of Blue Light come from imaging devices (e.g. computer screens, tablets, smart-phones, and televisions) that can have a negative impact on humans. TrueBlue has developed three types of lenses: 

Indoor Blue Light Filtering Lens

PhotoStress - Day Time Lens

For artificially occurring Blue Light indoors (from lighting, and imaging devices) to reduce vision fatigue and protect the eye’s retina.

Indoor Blue Light Filtering Lens

MPF™ – Nighttime Lens

For artificially occurring Blue Light indoors in the evening - to aid with sleep and human performance.

Outdoor Blue Light Filtering Lens


For naturally occurring Blue Light outdoors- superior filtration and glare reduction.

All lenses are treated with Optical quality Anti-Reflective, Interference, Phobic and hard coatings. Options for frame materials include Rilsan, Beta-Plastic, and Acetates.